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2009/11/5 Doug Rogers <>:
> I've gotta get your GSL shell installed. I wrote a similar thing a few
> years back but I never followed through to the end. I had to ditch GSL
> anyway due to its license (which I mistakenly thought was LGPL when I
> started the project). But I kept the Lua part, switching to another
> vector/matrix package.

Well, if you want to help me with GSL shell I'm open to accept
collaborators ;-) actually I'm looking for people to help me.
Otherwise, GPL license is great and I'm not planning to make money
with it.

> Well, you've inspired me to do some crazy coding. I use the __call
> metamethod on a tensor (matrix of possibly more dimensions) to return an
> element-reference object whose own __call metamethod allows access to
> the element. I also provide set() and get() functions may be used for
> the element-reference object. Finally, just for fun, I overload __index
> and __newindex to get or set the element, but that requires a dummy index.

I've given a look to your code. The idea is not bad but still, it is a
trick, a workaround to the problem that index takes just one argument.
My point is to have a plain simple syntax, nothing tricky or awkward.
For the moment I will stick to the slogan "simple is beautiful" :-)