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steve donovan wrote:
> Yeah, well: you can make Windows do unix
> But it's 216 meg.  (There are useful Linux distros with less of a footprint)

That's Interix, which I've used --- it's actually rather good, although
acheingly archaic. The default shell is ksh. (SunOS 4 users will find it
hauntingly familiar.) And interestingly, most versions Windows 7 has it
built in, although you need to install the front-end tools to make use
for it. (Just tick the appropriate box in the 'Install Windows
Components' dialogue to get it all.) The version you linked to is for XP.

You get gcc and all the X libraries (but no server) and a case sensitive
file system and the ability to make filenames called 'aux.c' and
everything. It's much faster than Cygwin and integrates nicely into the
NT security model.

Lua builds and runs happily on it, too.

If you're stuck being a Unix user in a Windows-only shop, Interix is
definitely worth a look --- much less sanity-destroying than Cygwin and
it scripts well. OTOH as it's rather exotic a lot of tools don't get on
well with it. It won't interoperate with Cygwin binaries without work,
for example, as the hack Cygwin uses to figure out whether it's being
run from cmd.exe or a Cygwin shell gets confused on it.

Lots of stuff including add-on packs of more modern tools (ssh, yay)
available here:

Note that those links all assume you've installed the Microsoft part of

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