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Wesley Smith wrote:
> Do you have an example?  From my perspective, I feel that Lua itself
> is flexible enough to elegantly handle awkward cases.  Since I've
> mostly worked with luamake on my own projects, some of which do have
> awkward points, I can only say that so far so good.

Well, I wrote Prime Mover for precisely the same reason...

The awkward case I wrote PM for was: I have a program made up of n
source files, where n is a big number; I wish to build m of these with
the -fnord flag, where m is also a big number, but smaller than n; some
of those n files are dynamically generated; and I wish to build the
whole program four times, for each combination of debugging on/off and
ARM/ix86 code. make basically gives up and dies if you try to do this
sort of thing (although GNU make's ability to attach variable
declarations to certain file patterns helps hugely).

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