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On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Bulat Ziganshin
<> wrote:
> not 3? built-in, cygwin and mingw

mingw is definitely not posix.  It is a native Win32 port of GCC, with
libraries for using the Win32 API as well as the usual C runtime.

No fork() there!

Yeah, well: you can make Windows do unix

But it's 216 meg.  (There are useful Linux distros with less of a footprint)

Although the Windows API is not a standard in the usual open sense, it
is de facto the most popular API for desktop computers. (Although it
isn't 'popular' necessarily for us poor souls who have to programming
using it)

Part of the issue is this: unfamiliar toolchain.  'cl.exe' is (a) very
different and (b) spawn of the evil empire (c) perceived as bound to
big clumsy IDEs.

Which is where mingw comes in, it's quite possible to do Lua
extensions with it built against various kinds of Lua binaries.  Ryan
has lost patience for the MS toolchain because of the
manifest/side-by-side nonsense. So he aims to build Lua for Windows
using mingw.

steve d.