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> How does luamake handle the awkward cases?

Do you have an example?  From my perspective, I feel that Lua itself
is flexible enough to elegantly handle awkward cases.  Since I've
mostly worked with luamake on my own projects, some of which do have
awkward points, I can only say that so far so good.  I'm sure there
are some projects that at this point will be difficult to implement in
a luamake project, but with a little finesse -- either a snippet of
Lua or an alteration to the luamake system -- I'm sure it can be

> What I like about the LuaRocks build system is that it has flexible
> backends (currently, builtin, make and CMake) - and it understands
> that different animal, the Microsoft C compiler.

I'm planning on adding support for existing Makefiles and xcode
projects so having different backends is certainly on the agenda.