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I do know of Premake.  Hadn't looked at it in a while.  The differences are:

- Premake is for generating build files like Makefile, xcode project
or visual studio and not to build the projects.  luamake is aiming to
actually build the code.
- Premake is GPL.  I didn't mention it, sorry for the oversight, but
like most Lua projects, this one is BSD license,

Funny enough, Premake uses a very similar data description format as I
do. but we diverge after the gross similarities as in the end we have
different goals.  In luamake project files, there are event callbacks
for handling tricky parts of the build process like installation as
well as a range of global variables a functions to aid in massaging
the data.  There are some good ideas in the reference section that I
might translate into luamake though.