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Lua is designed as a language to be embbeded. AFAIK it has two typical use:

1. to be embbeded in a product, and the users are end-users of the
product, i.e. non-programmers who should *not* add library to the lua
script. I usually design programms like this: if user can write the
lua script, I will restrict the use of "import". The libraries are
executed in the same thread of the hosting program instead of a
sandbox, we should not let end-users to add libraries.

2. to be used by the programmer himself, I embbed lua into my C
program because I use it, end-user of my program cannot see or change
the lua scripts. In this case I compile all library and statically
link with my program and release with my program. For this use, I
definetly need the C source.

Yes, there may be users who use lua as a general-purpose stand-alone
scripting language, but IMHO the vast majority of lua use, is to be
used within another product, for which, only the original programmers
should be able to add libraries, end-user are not expected to add

IMO release windows-based binraries to the relatively small amount of
users doesn't seem to help a lot.