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Reuben Thomas <rrt <at>> writes:

> Really, your entire argument is a mish-mash of exaggeration ("you
> can't program in Lua without C"), nonsense ("you can't use Lua on
> Windows if you're a non-programmer"), personal bias ("I want Windows
> binaries!") and untruth ("Lua doesn't have a module system"). It's
> perfectly true that Lua's distribution is not as advanced as its
> competitors'. This suggests two logical courses of action for you:
> decide to help, or decide to use a more mature language platform.
> While I'm sure you're not a troll, this kind of lazy un-thought-out
> writing is little better than trolling.

Reuben, snap out of it. I am trying to indicate a possible reality 
issue that people on Windows (installed on something around the 90% 
of machines world-wide) are facing as far as Lua's usability is 
concerned, don't turn it to flaming, I have already mentioned that 
it was not in my intentions.

Reuben Thomas <rrt <at>> writes:

> George Petsagourakis wrote:
> > My comment stems from the fact that there are quite a lot of people
> > who are using Windows, and really there is nothing we can do
> > other than open the code with a text editor and look at it unless we
> > are into C programming.
> It has nothing to do with Windows, it applies to any Lua user who is
> "not into C programming". Equally, the same applies to anyone perusing
> a Lua script who is not into Lua programming.

Taking up Lua _is_ by far easier than taking up C. Full stop.

Thanks to all for all your input. 

I'll show up in the list at some other point in time, 
since at the present I am being perceived as a troll 
and this is really not my intention.