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2009/9/8 George Petsagourakis <>:
> Reuben Thomas <rrt <at>> writes:
>> While I'm sure you're not a troll, this kind of lazy un-thought-out
>> writing is little better than trolling.

I'm not sure how the above leads to the following.

> I'll show up in the list at some other point in time,
> since at the present I am being perceived as a troll
> and this is really not my intention.

> I am trying to indicate a possible reality
> issue that people on Windows (installed on something around the 90%
> of machines world-wide) are facing as far as Lua's usability is
> concerned,

This is an issue of which everyone was already well aware, and which
no contributor to this thread has disputed.

> don't turn it to flaming, I have already mentioned that
> it was not in my intentions.

No-one's flaming. I was trying to explain in what ways your original
post was confused and unhelpful, and to lay out the real problems we
face, to which I should add the perceptions that lead to posts like
Indeed, perhaps the most valuable lesson one can learn from it is that
marketing counts, and that the Lua community, if it wants Lua to
become more popular (and that is not a given) may need to work on the
language's image as much as anything else. Alternatively, one can take
the view that it's no big deal, and that image always tends to lag
reality in any case (something that seems to be true even of the most
widely-used and well-known languages and systems).

> Taking up Lua _is_ by far easier than taking up C. Full stop.

Of course (again, I didn't say anything to the contrary).

Matthew 5:37: tri-state logic considered harmful