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2009/9/8 David Given <>:
> Lua community: I don't know. Why *should* you use Lua?

The Lua maintainers, at least, are both reticent and cautious,
compared to other language maintainers.

> I think most people here see Lua as a component, intended to be customised
> and bolted into another product, rather than being used on its own. I write
> Lua scripts for doing quick hacks --- but they nearly always get a
> customised interpreter if they ever turn into anything more than a quick
> hack.

I agree: I used to use Lua for general-purpose scripting, but found
that its lack of libraries, whether built-in or available in language
or OS distributions, was too much of a headache. I use it now
precisely where its small size and lack of dependencies make it easy
to integrate.

Il ne vaut pas la peine de peigner l’eau