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Coco is a small extension to get True C Coroutine semantics for
Lua 5.1. True C coroutine semantics mean you can yield from a
coroutine across a C call boundary and resume back to it (e.g.
across pcall(), metamethods, iterators or callbacks).

Coco is free software, released under the same license as Lua.

Change list for version 1.1.6:
- Fix compilation of the GCC inline assembler code on x64.
- Added GCC inline assembler for faster context switching on Sparc.
  Thanks to Takayuki Usui.

Here is a link to the project home page with full docs:

And a direct link to the download page:

*** NOTE: Coco has moved to its own domain!              ***
*** Please update your links and bookmarks -- thank you! ***