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Jim Pryor wrote:
> I'm also trying to build and try out the RVM patch. It doesn't patch
> cleanly against the Lua 5.1.4 sources, so I'm going and cleaning it up
> by hand. Mostly this is straightforward. There are a few spots where I'm
> stuck though: the Lua 5.1.4 sources have changed
> from what the RVM patch is trying to replace. I'm not familiar with
> these sources yet, so don't know what's the right merge.

I think you need to undo some coroutine-related changes introduced
in Lua 5.1.3. Have a look at the Coco patch which does the same.

> The wiki says that Greg Falcon aka VeLoSo has taken over maintenance of
> the RVM patch. Is there any version floating around against the current
> Lua sources? Is noone using this patch anymore? From what I've seen on
> the mailing list it looks that, though there's no development happening
> on it, it's still regarded as a solid and viable option?

You'd have to ask Greg about the former. But it looks like RVM
will be resurrected (again): the basic concept of RVM will be used
to make the Lua 5.2 VM fully resumable: