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2009/9/8 Rob Kendrick <>:
> That's a shame; I've used Zile in the past as something that's both
> small /and/ fast; Emacs is neither.

The reason I didn't say I wanted to get Emacs to go faster is that it
goes quite fast enough. "emacs -Q -nw" starts up in about a second the
first time, and just as fast as Zile after that. Adding a small
configuration file doesn't make it take any longer.

Zile should never really have been written; the effort instead should
have been put into making Emacs configurable to run faster and
smaller. Recently, most of the work needed to make it go faster has
been done; smaller is all that's needed. The sheer amount of
wheel-reinventing that goes into reimplementing Emacs in Zile is

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