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I just looked into the state of support for curses. The best I can
find is lcurses 0.2, which seems basically to be abandonware.

I'm currently rewriting GNU Zile (a lightweight Emacs clone) in Lua,
so I need curses support. Zile does not need particularly advanced
curses support; in particular, it doesn't use panels at all.
Nonetheless, I'd be happy to adopt lcurses. Is anyone else interested
in its development? My default method would be simply to start a
LuaForge project, so if anyone else is working on it and already has a
home for it, let me know.

My personal goals would merely be to package it reasonably (by
"reasonably" I mean, adding an autotools build system, so that I can
easily call it from Zile's build system), and to try to get it
packaged in Debian/Ubuntu, along with fixing any bugs, particularly
portability bugs (I very much doubt it is missing any features I

If anyone else is interested, please reply to this thread and then
after a decent interval has elapsed we can take it off-list and work
out what to do next.

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