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On 07/09/2009 19:51, Chris Camacho wrote:
I'd love to be able to understand the reverse, why do people insist on downloading binaries?
> There could be any manner of virus or back door in binary, at least if its
> source code I can audit it myself, better yet I can fix it too.

Because it is easier, faster and less prone to break (baring DLL hell issues)?
Windows doesn't come with a compiler by default. And make utilities can bring different results (or break) depending if you use Cygwin, MingW, Visual Studio, TCC, Wacom or Borland compiler, etc.

Most people will be afraid to use a compiler anyway. And will be totally unable to audit code... Beside, most of the time, supposing you know well the used programming language and the pitfalls it might offer, it is just too long to inspect source code: I want to use Eclipse or Thunderbird immediately, not scrutinize its source in search of some back door... :-)

Beside, Windows culture is mostly binary based: commercial products just doesn't come with source (in general) and there are lot of useful freewares which are not open.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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