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KHMan wrote:
Arf, don't mind me, my talk is very cheap. Since my position in this is roughly neutral, I'm just here in this thread for the kicks. :-)

Don't worry. I don't think there are many others who think like me so I'm here also just for the kicks.

I believe most people would agree that more flexible build options is a plus. The much harder problem is getting it done. Who's going to do it? What you really need now is a cunning plan[1]...

I'd love to give it a try, but I don't know exactly where to start. I'll study the whole package library more deeply and maybe I can come up with some way to replace it with minimum code to make modules think it's still there.

Yes, I already know of package.preload, but there are Lua code that must be handled.

Good luck.


. . .

[1] Not trying to be disrespectful, this is a rather obvious reference to a British BBC series, for those who did not get it