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KHMan wrote:
Andre de Leiradella wrote:
After reading all the discussion about how to statically compile Lua modules into an executable, I can only think that the amount of work required to build a Lua system (an application with Lua VM and a set of embedded libraries) is becoming too great.
Lua has always been simple and easily embeddable. It still is. But its libraries aren't anymore.

What! We're starting over again? This is a lot of pointless complaining...

Hehehe, I knew the discussion would turn into this...

I don't see what the problem is. Different users have different needs. Why don't you write your own set of libraries just the way you want it?

Because I don't want to waste resources writing things that were already written?

Settles everything once and for all. If you are so particular about your specific linking needs, why do you keep depending on other peoples' libraries?

There's is nothing particular in my needs. I want to embed the Lua VM plus a set of libraries in a host application, all statically linked.

Besides, people often write libraries for their own needs first, then share it with the rest of the world. You didn't pay for them, so don't use them if you don't like them. If you want libraries to offer multiple linking options, why don't you contribute patches?

Yeah, those people are great. Their libraries are a huge time saver. The problem is not with them or their work, just with the way Lua as a platform is turning into Perl.

Reasonable solutions were offered. To say something like "Why have a module system only to have to hack it to make it behave as if it wasn't there?" is just pointless whingening.

For me whining is demanding automatic download, build and dynamic linking of libraries.

For the record, I could just follow the advices and make what I want despite of the existence of modules. But it just don't feel like the right thing to do.

To closely follow Lua's philosophy, I think that libraries should stay the way they were before this module thing. Then Lua's module repository maintainers :-O should be able to turn them into "proper" modules and make people that people who don't know how/want to put together a Lua platform by their own can just "require" things.

What do you mean by "count bytes"? Which console, what specific constraints? What kind of application? Executable file size? Memory usage? Expanded file size? Seriously, how much space is Lua+libraries going to take? Specifics or examples, please.

Counting bytes like "we have to decrease this heap by 64K." PS3, memory. A game. Cannot say. Cannot say. Cannot say.

But again, this is not about specific examples. This is all about the philosophy behind the language.