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Andre de Leiradella wrote:
KHMan wrote:
I'm glad that there are solutions being offered like the Makefile converter, instead of just yakking and yakking like what I am doing. :-) What would be really useful right now is some sample implementation of bundling complex modules that integrates nicely into the original module's codebase. Then again, the sample solution might be perfect for party X but party Y might jump up and vehemently disagree. And we'll be back to square one... :-)

That way, both parties (people that builds monolithic Lua platforms i.e. for embedded devices and people on desktops) will be allowed in the, huh, party.

Arf, don't mind me, my talk is very cheap. Since my position in this is roughly neutral, I'm just here in this thread for the kicks. :-)

I believe most people would agree that more flexible build options is a plus. The much harder problem is getting it done. Who's going to do it? What you really need now is a cunning plan[1]...

Good luck.

. . .

[1] Not trying to be disrespectful, this is a rather obvious reference to a British BBC series, for those who did not get it

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia