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Miles Bader wrote:
Andre de Leiradella <> writes:
Not even an example? I don't think in this instance that there are
development practices or methods that is so secret that it entails an
NDA. Smells like hand-waving.
You're free to believe in what you want.

Er, given that you're making unsupported and vague negative claims about

They are not vague: Lua as a platform is evolving in a different direction of Lua as a language.

Again, the module system prevents or makes it more difficult to use Lua with a set of libraries to build a Lua platform for targets that are currently supported by the language. The recent discussion on how one can statically link LuaSocket proves that my claim is not unsupported.

And there is the overhead of having the module support code linked in. In my Windows box, it's 10,6Kb. I wish I could leave it out of my host app, but then how can I load modules?

And even after I can see how to load them, I still think the Lua platform is heading in a different direction than the language. The Lua language is simple, we build complex things on top of it. Modules should be easy to embed, and people could build dynamic loading, automatic dependency checking and whatnot on top of them.



Lua, I think it's up to you to provide examples of what you mean.  How
can we judge your argument or assist you if we don't even know what
you're talking about?