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Andre de Leiradella wrote:
KHMan wrote:
Andre de Leiradella wrote:
What do you mean by "count bytes"? Which console, what specific constraints? What kind of application? Executable file size? Memory usage? Expanded file size? Seriously, how much space is Lua+libraries going to take? Specifics or examples, please.

Counting bytes like "we have to decrease this heap by 64K." PS3, memory. A game. Cannot say. Cannot say. Cannot say.

Not even an example? I don't think in this instance that there are development practices or methods that is so secret that it entails an NDA. Smells like hand-waving.

But again, this is not about specific examples. This is all about the philosophy behind the language.

Like David said in the other post, there is nothing wrong with the language. Those who use old style modules can continue to do so. So you disagree with the platform and the package management scheme. Well, I'll let market forces decide. Those who write the code makes the rules. Good luck to your lobbying.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia