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On Fri, 4 Sep 2009 17:00:08 +0300
Cosmin Apreutesei <> wrote:

> >> I wish module authors would stop using make altogether and
> >> build/install only through LuaRocks. Let the build toolchain be
> >> controlled by the package manager, not some makefile that I
> >> eternally have to tweak between platforms.
> >
> > Please, no.  LuaRocks makes me a sad panda.  Not to mention that it
> > hardly ever works correctly for me, getting it to spit out things
> > suitable for integration into other products is a pain.
> On the other hand makefiles, more often than not, contain hardcoded
> paths to toolchain executables, 

People who do this, of course, should be educated.  With socks
containing bricks.

> random unix commands, some of which can wipe out your entire hard
> drive if some variable is missing

Yes, but why would you be running this as root?  And again, this is the
fault of the author, not make.

What I don't look forward to is being forced to either use LuaRocks, or
write my own Makefile for something.