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>> I wish module authors would stop using make altogether and
>> build/install only through LuaRocks. Let the build toolchain be
>> controlled by the package manager, not some makefile that I eternally
>> have to tweak between platforms.
> Please, no.  LuaRocks makes me a sad panda.  Not to mention that it
> hardly ever works correctly for me, getting it to spit out things
> suitable for integration into other products is a pain.

On the other hand makefiles, more often than not, contain hardcoded
paths to toolchain executables, random unix commands, some of which
can wipe out your entire hard drive if some variable is missing, some
only available on the authors's machine, and so on. You would call all
that upon the author of course, but that's a blind alley -- it doesn't
solve anything. The programmer will always take the easiest route
available- it's only natural. With a declarative makefile like the
rockspec (it goes for any packager tool, not just LuaRocks) all this
trouble is bound to go.