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Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
> The Lua short reference provides a concise summary of the Lua syntax and
> core libraries. I have just updated and uploaded another draft of the
> 5.1 version. This can be downloaded from either the wiki:
> or from my website:
> A few small errors and inconsistencies were removed. However, there are
> certainly still errors and omissions to be found in this draft. PLEASE,
> everyone who uses this card -- take the time and trouble to send a bug
> report if you happen on something that needs correcting. (BTW, the
> exclusion of deprecated language features (like table.setn()) is by
> design.)

Another draft is available, same locations.

I've also prepared a zip file with the two MS Word .doc files used to
produce the .pdf files (Microsoft Word 2002 v10.4219). These files are
released as-is.

Anyone who finds errors and/or omissions and then changes the .doc files
locally, PLEASE do send a bug report as well, either via the list or to so that I can keep my versions up-to-date.

> Acknowledgements: Enrico Colombini (the original author) and I are
> grateful to all the good people who contributed with notes and
> suggestions, including John Belmonte, Albert-Jan Brouwer, Tiago
> Dionizio, Marius Gheorghe, Asko Kauppi, Philippe Lhoste, Mike Pall,
> Virgil Smith, Ando Sonenblick, Nick Trout, Clemens Wacha, Blake T.
> Garretson, mbp, James Salsman and of course Roberto Ierusalimschy, whose
> ?Lua 5.1 Reference Manual? and ?Programming in Lua? have been our main
> sources of Lua lore.

To whom I'm adding Duncan Cross who found a few errors and niggles.
Thanks, guys!

cheers  thomasl