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The Lua short reference provides a concise summary of the Lua 5.1 syntax and core libraries. It is based on the Lua 5.0 short reference by Enrico Colombini.

The 4th draft (updated twice Jul 2009 by ThomasLauer) corrects a few minor errors.

The 3rd draft (updated Feb 2008 by ThomasLauer) corrects a couple very minor glitches and makes clear that the short reference can be used and distributed according to the same terms as Lua 5.1.

There are two PDF files. [luarefv51.pdf] has TWO logical pages per physical page and prints on a total of four pages. The second version has the same textual content but a different layout with ONE logical page per physical page (total of six print pages): [luarefv51single.pdf]

I have also put the MS Word DOC files (Word 2002, v10.4219) used to produce the PDFs into a ZIP: [download]

Corrections and comments please to the lua-l mailing list or to

(Enrico's original 5.0 version is still available: [download])

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