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The Lua short reference provides a concise summary of the Lua syntax and
core libraries. I have just updated and uploaded another draft of the
5.1 version. This can be downloaded from either the wiki:

or from my website:

A few small errors and inconsistencies were removed. However, there are
certainly still errors and omissions to be found in this draft. PLEASE,
everyone who uses this card -- take the time and trouble to send a bug
report if you happen on something that needs correcting. (BTW, the
exclusion of deprecated language features (like table.setn()) is by

Acknowledgements: Enrico Colombini (the original author) and I are
grateful to all the good people who contributed with notes and
suggestions, including John Belmonte, Albert-Jan Brouwer, Tiago
Dionizio, Marius Gheorghe, Asko Kauppi, Philippe Lhoste, Mike Pall,
Virgil Smith, Ando Sonenblick, Nick Trout, Clemens Wacha, Blake T.
Garretson, mbp, James Salsman and of course Roberto Ierusalimschy, whose
?Lua 5.1 Reference Manual? and ?Programming in Lua? have been our main
sources of Lua lore.

cheers  thomasl

web :