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>> Maybe, "Fossil: Distributed Revision Control, Wiki, and Bug-Tracking"
>> [1] would satisfy your GUI needs, too?
> Interesting idea to use a built-in Web server as GUI via browsers. I also
> appreciate the compactness of the tool.

We've discussed this as a use case for Kepler/Xavante and Sputnik as
well. You can easily embed either just Xavante or Xavante with Sputnik
inside your application, using them for status information,
configuration, etc. (If you include Sputnik, you get ready support for
user accounts, edit interface with configurable forms, change history,
etc.) Both Xavante and Sputnik make minimal assumptions about what
resources you have. Neither requires a database. I think both can be
configured to run without disk access with minimal hassle.

In case anyone is interested, have a look at the new version of
Sputnik, which is yet to be properly released (we still need to update
some of the plugins and the documentation) but is stable and offers a
lot of new features.

Among other things there is now a generic method for handling
collections of items, which allowed us to implement a forum system in
100 lines of Lua + 100 lines of configurations.

- yuri