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On 30/03/2009 18:20, Ralph Hempel wrote:
There has also been an attempt to
re-write git in pure Python.

Why do some people insist on reinventing the wheel when they could
be spending their time going places on the wheel they have?

Indeed. A possible reason might be using it on a restricted (eg. shared) Web server: some hosts allow Python scripts but not CGI.

On 30/03/2009 18:20, Timm S. Mueller wrote:
> My version control system of choice is Mercurial [1]

I looked at it first, and it is fine, but for various reasons outside of the scope of this ML, I found Bazaar more fitting to my needs/way of working. I skipped Git because of poor support for Windows and because it has reputation of being harder to master for newcomers to DSCM.

> I fail to realize its practical value.

I am basically a Windows guy (first wrote GUI...) and even if I am familiar with Unices and command line, I find a good GUI can save some time (lot of people might disagree...). I use at work the Perforce client, written with Qt, and find it well done. That would be a good model of a complete GUI for a SCM client. But actually, I am mostly happy with add/commit/etc. commands, GUI is more useful to examine old versions, do diffs, track change history, etc. Even if most of these tasks work fine with my editor (SciTE), my diff tool (WinMerge) or merge tool (Perforce Merge!). Not need to re-invent the wheel (Bazaar's Qt diff is fine but a bit primitive).

> I'm in the search of possible tools and goodies for putting tekUI [2]
> into good use for the Lua community, so I'm all ears for your
> suggestions.

Bah, that's just vaporware ATM, I fear. But I will keep the idea in mind... :-)

On 30/03/2009 20:03, Hakki Dogusan wrote:
> Maybe, "Fossil: Distributed Revision Control, Wiki, and Bug-Tracking"
> [1] would satisfy your GUI needs, too?

Interesting idea to use a built-in Web server as GUI via browsers. I also appreciate the compactness of the tool.

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