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On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 17:37:29 +0200
Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:

> >> is anybody aware of any project working on a git binding/wrapper
> >> for lua? search engines didnt reveal anything.
> > 
> > The sputnik wiki can use git as a backend. I believe it calls git
> > commands with os.execute, thus it may be not what you are looking for.
> > 
> > In any case I suggest to get in touch with sputnik guys, since it would
> > be a pity having "good" git bindings available and not sputnik using
> > them.
> I was asking a similar question to myself, except that's for Bazaar, my SCM of choice 
> (recent choice! yes, I was foolish enough to live without SCM for my little personal 
> projects...)
> I am not totally satisfied by current GUIs and since I don't know Python (yet - but I say 
> that for years!) I was wondering if one could make a lightweight GUI with Lua (perhaps 
> with tekUI? ;)). But since Bazaar is pure Python, I have no idea how to make a binding.
> I looked at the Eclipse plugin (ie. Java) code and from what I understood, they just issue 
> command lines that they exec. Not my idea of good interface, but well, if it works...
> I should look how TortoiseBzr does, perhaps.
> Well, that is to say that os.execute isn't such a foolish idea, I suppose. But of course, 
> Git being written in C, a better binding can be done, with some work.

My version control system of choice is Mercurial [1], which, according
to what I have been told, is very similar to git. Given the many
different preferences, I think it would be reasonable to first create a
Lua module exposing a basic version control API, so that other people
may fill in an implementation of their preferred VCS later.

If this turns out to be feasible, then there might be even some use for
a GUI client. I'm not sure if I could *design* such a tool, for I fail
to realize its practical value. However, given the right instructions,
I might be able to implement it.

I'm in the search of possible tools and goodies for putting tekUI [2]
into good use for the Lua community, so I'm all ears for your

- Timm


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