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On 2009-03-25, Tuomo Valkonen <> wrote:
> Anyway, I got lxp.lom to parse the XHTML (or at least not complain of
> the entities) by specifying doctype. But now it still remains to find
> a way to print them again. Maybe it's possible to make expat not parse
> the entities by specifying some callbacks... I haven't yet had the time
> to try.

Tried it. Didn't work. *sigh*. 

Is the LuaXML I found at
the same as that referred to in the wiki? This one at least
doesn't even seem to support parsing them from the doctype,
so you'd have to register them yourself. *sigh*

One would expect there to be a gazillion feature-rich libraries
for parsing and printing all sorts of XML, and yet they're all
so primitive... yet not primitive enough. 

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