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On 2009-03-25, steve donovan <> wrote:
> XML has grown beyond being a data encoding standard, and become a
> particularly messy religion. Personally I like it as a data format,
> without worrying about DTDs and the like.  Maybe this should be called
> Pointy-Bracket Data (PBD) since it probably isn't valid XML ;)

I've never liked XML for anything, thanks to its its horrible syntax. 
It's not good for software processing, which would far more efficiently 
handle a binary format, and it's not good for humans, being over-verbose.
For configuration, .INI or Lua-style bracket syntax is much better. 
For documents, LaTeX syntax is much better.

Anyway, I got lxp.lom to parse the XHTML (or at least not complain of
the entities) by specifying doctype. But now it still remains to find
a way to print them again. Maybe it's possible to make expat not parse
the entities by specifying some callbacks... I haven't yet had the time
to try.

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