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I'm looking for a simple XML parser/printer for Lua, that
would let me manipulate an (incomplete) XHTML document 
with little effort. I was thinking of lua-expat/etree,
but they make dealing with character entities pain.
The lua-expat parser seems to require DTDs and stuff
to parse the character entities; and etree doesn't
include support for converting the whole range back.

Is there something that would include that support
as well -- providing a similar simple table access
to the data -- or that would simply ignore character
entities, parsing them as text? It should, obviously, 
handle comments, and at least print CDATA.

The Wiki seems to be a bit-outdated; couldn't find what 
would look like the referred LuaXML anywhere.

(In case someone is interested in the project, or can 
recommend a ready solution, I'm considering writing a
very simple ikiwiki replacement website generator -- as
it fails to work under Cygwin -- primarily for my personal 
use, doing things _right_ this time: no extra custom syntax 
and hacky  parsers, but rather extra features as XML tags 
that are parsed with a proper XML parser after running 
(lua-)markdown on the document.)

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