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On 16/03/2009 22:53, Timm S. Mueller wrote:
BTW, "bin" name for example programs is surprising, I would expect to see the .exe and .dll's there, and the sample Lua programs in a "sample" or similar directory).

This is interesting. So you had a working association with Lua (which
wasn't a requirement of the package).

Just some hand-made registry settings.
If I type Foo.lua on the command line, it will run the script with my version of Lua.exe.

tekUI's class library is located
under tek/ui/ , which I supposed couldn't be found by examples in a
samples directory branching off from the root. So having lua.exe in the
package root provided an anchor for finding the required DLLs and
classes, at least that was the plan. Being a Windows illerate, I don't
quite understand how the OS was able to pick the correct path for the
DLLs and classes, but good to know that it did. :-)

I just tried:

- root: only the informational text files
- samples: just the renamed 'bin' directory
- bin: I move lua.exe, lfs.dll and lua51.dll there; also tek, tek/class, tek/lib, tek/ui, etc.

Command line on bin, typing

  lua.exe ..\samples\demo.lua

shows the demo. Were I found that it auto-discovers all the demo files! In my previous attemps (..\lua.exe), it wasn't able to find them and I had an empty left pane.

Finding the right DLLs and Lua files just works, thanks to sensible defaults in search path, probably.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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