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>> we released tekUI, a Lua-native GUI toolkit, for the Windows platform

just ran a few examples, this is really nice work

One question not fully related to tekui: do you know a solution to
deploy a program in a single self executable .exe? Scripts and
interpreter in one exe?

2009/3/16 Timm S. Mueller <>:
> Hello,
> we released tekUI, a Lua-native GUI toolkit, for the Windows platform
> today. There are still some issues with this port, but it should be OK
> for a first impression. Get the regular snapshot or check out the
> source if you intend to build it yourself:
> For the impatient (or those who fear the MingW build procedure), there
> is a pre-packaged snapshot containing all the needed Windows binaries:
> .
> To quickly browse through the examples, open the "bin" folder and
> associate the ".lua" extension with the Lua executable in the top-level
> directory. Then you should be able to start the demos with a double
> click.
> tekUI is still in alpha stage of development, but we are on the verge
> of going beta. Our web site (including the online documentation) has
> been updated to reflect the recent changes.
> About tekUI
> tekUI is a small and freestanding graphical user interface (GUI)
> toolkit written in Lua and C. It was initially developed for the X
> Window System and can serve as a general-purpose GUI library for
> desktop applications.
> Its main focus is on rapid development of applications for custom-made
> devices, often with a custom appearance and under resource-constrained
> conditions, such as for embedded devices with a display controller.
> Being mostly written in the Lua scripting language, it is easily
> extensible with new user interface elements, which can later be
> rewritten in C. See for a
> more detailed technical description.
> --
> Timm S. Mueller <>
> Schulze & Mueller GbR, Erbacher Straße 26, 64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim,
> Gesellschafter: Franciska Schulze, Timm S. Mueller,
> Tel. +49 6257 648853-0,