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On Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:49:00 +0100
Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:

> > To quickly browse through the examples, open the "bin" folder and
> > associate the ".lua" extension with the Lua executable in the top-level
> > directory. Then you should be able to start the demos with a double
> > click.
> Mmm, I won't change my associations for this test.
> I just opened the command line in the bin directory and ran some samples with the command:
> ..\lua.exe demo_custom.lua
> and similar. Worked fine.
> BTW, "bin" name for example programs is surprising, I would expect to see the .exe and 
> .dll's there, and the sample Lua programs in a "sample" or similar directory).

This is interesting. So you had a working association with Lua (which
wasn't a requirement of the package). tekUI's class library is located
under tek/ui/ , which I supposed couldn't be found by examples in a
samples directory branching off from the root. So having lua.exe in the
package root provided an anchor for finding the required DLLs and
classes, at least that was the plan. Being a Windows illerate, I don't
quite understand how the OS was able to pick the correct path for the
DLLs and classes, but good to know that it did. :-)

> Fast bug report:
> - demo.lua has double dialog for exit confirmation.

This is a problem deeply situated in the notification system of popups,
and difficult to fix without breaking something else (menus and popups
under Windows don't work yet when entered while the left mouse button
is held, while on the other platforms they do). This issue is high on
our list for the beta release.

- Timm

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