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Hi Peter & Mauro,

> then please go into and try these commands:
> export LUA_CPATH=$PWD/lib/lib?.so
> ./bin/lua ../lqt/test/webview.lua

works perfectly!    AND, I no longer get the message 'segmentation fault'
after I run an app :)

I *thought* it was weird having to rename those files...

>  lqt is still experimental,

Well, so far, so good!   Really, Nokia should be PAYING you guys :)

I heard a podcast recently with Quim Gil:
who is "an open source advocate in Nokia's Maemo software unit".
Have you thought about running lqt on Maemo?  He sounds very
approachable... or twittable  :)

I'm looking forward to playing with lqt more - do you have any estimate of when
some documentation might be available?  I am using a PyQt book as a guide
now - is the class hierarchy etc COMPLETELY different in lqt?


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