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I'm working with MIDI data which makes no sense at all in decimal. I
was sufficiently motivated apply and debug an old patch to the new
version of llex.c. It's not attractive but it works:


2009/3/10 Sam Roberts <>:
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:18 PM, Ico <> wrote:
>> In the embedded field hexadecimal notation is very common, especially in
>> things like protocols or hardware registers where every bit can have a
>> separate meaning. Converting mentally between bits and hex is quite
>> trivial once you get the hang of it, but converting between bits and
>> decimal is much harder to do.
> I'd very much like this, too.
> Most protocol and data dumpers dump data as hex. It's the standard way
> of expressing binary data.
> Some old tools use octal, it's even the default for C character codes,
> I think as a hold-over from the early 7 bit architectures unix was
> developed on? Anyhow, its also fairly easy to convert octal to and
> from bits.
> Decimal notation doesn't have anything to recommend it, as far as I
> can tell. Anybody who is inserting bytes using numerical values would
> want to be using hex.
>> (Speaking of bits: I also like to make my vote heard for the addition of
>> bit-handling functions, or even better, operators to the lua core. I'd
>> kill for some high-performance bit clear, set, shift, and, or, and
>> similar operations!)
> Cheers,
> Sam