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2009/3/10 thal 144 <>:
> I heard a podcast recently with Quim Gil:
> who is "an open source advocate in Nokia's Maemo software unit".
> Have you thought about running lqt on Maemo?  He sounds very
> approachable... or twittable  :)

Should not be difficult. However I don't own a Maemo, so I cannot test...

> I'm looking forward to playing with lqt more - do you have any estimate of
> when
> some documentation might be available?  I am using a PyQt book as a guide
> now - is the class hierarchy etc COMPLETELY different in lqt?

I don't think so: they both try to emulate the C++ classes. I think
you can refer to the standard Qt documentation,

This page shows how the methods are interpreted in Lua.
I will try to write proper documentation, but I'll focus on
development for now. I'd like to have an editable wiki for lqt (Google
Code does not allow anonymous edits)...