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Point of clarification:  isn't D more a cleanup of C++, not C?

I must say, from my point in academics, I've been hearing a lot more
about Lua and D -- especially D.  Python and Java are still the big
languages, though.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 12:25 PM, Stephen Kellett
<> wrote:
> Mike Crowe wrote:
> > Factor?  A forth-stack based derivative is approaching the top 20?  Talk
> about hype....
> >
>  I've got to agree.
>  When I first read about Factor (on this list actually) I checked it out.
>  When I see a language for the first time I'm looking for ease of writing,
> ease of maintenance, features/benefits that reduce liklihood of errors,
> features/benefits that increase productivity and allow succinct elegant
> design. Above all it must be easy to read and write.
>  Factor failed on these counts. Reverse polish increases liklihood of errors
> (if it was good, all calculators would still be using it, just like the
> original ones did). As for readability, er, well, where do I start?
>  At that point my interest in Factor faded. It won't be a raging success,
> even if it does have its merits.
>  This topic (TIOBE) hit Slashdot today. Lots of people denying that C is
> dying (it has the same ranking today as it did last year), etc, etc.