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Mike Crowe wrote:
Factor? A forth-stack based derivative is approaching the top 20? Talk about hype....

I've got to agree.

When I first read about Factor (on this list actually) I checked it out.

When I see a language for the first time I'm looking for ease of writing, ease of maintenance, features/benefits that reduce liklihood of errors, features/benefits that increase productivity and allow succinct elegant design. Above all it must be easy to read and write.

Factor failed on these counts. Reverse polish increases liklihood of errors (if it was good, all calculators would still be using it, just like the original ones did). As for readability, er, well, where do I start?

At that point my interest in Factor faded. It won't be a raging success, even if it does have its merits.

This topic (TIOBE) hit Slashdot today. Lots of people denying that C is dying (it has the same ranking today as it did last year), etc, etc.