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> > *h++=(char)LUAC_FORMAT;
> Irrelevant 

But you may want to change this if you change ldump.c (but not if you only
change lundump.c).

> > *h++=(char)*(char*)&x;                         /* endianness */
> I found this lundump.c-patch by lhf regarding this issue:

This only caters for the big-endian x little-endian issue. It does not
handle strange byte orders, but can be made to, of course. Just save more
information in that field instead of just the boolean value above.

> So in what way does size_t (the pointer size) affect the byte-code files

size_t is used for string lengths. See LoadString. We use size_t there
just to handle long strings in 16-bit platforms; no one is really going
to save a string longer than 2Gb in a precompiled chunk, but it's quite
possible they want to use a string longer than 64k in a 16-bit platform
that can address 32-bits (eg, old segmented models in DOS).

If your ints are 32-bit, you can most probably use int instead of size_t
when dumping.