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Hello Folks,
I am currently working on a webinterface for configuring embedded device and  
am using Lua as my generator for dynamic content.
As most of these devices have only 4MB of Flash it would be very helpful to 
byte-compile the Lua sourcecode to keep things as small as possible.

So the problem is, the host platform on which we compile the firmware 
(C-Binaries, Linux kernel, ...) can be x86, x86-64, ppc or something like 
this and our destination platforms are: x86, mips, mipsel, arm, ... only to 
mention a few.

So my question is: Is there anything which could be helpful for cross 
compiling Lua byte-code or something like a Lua 5.1 compiler in Lua?

I already googled and searched old topics on this list but all in all my 
search was non conclusive.