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> Precompiling does not imply reduction in size. Stripping debug information
> helps reducing size but of course gets you less information in case of
> errors. I think you'd be better off compressing instead of precompiling.
> See and that thread.
Compression is a nice idea here but our filesystem on these devices already 
uses LZMA-compression so we would not really benefit from this.

But more disk space for less debugging information is a good compromise in 
this case. And this remembers me of another point I forgot to mention: The 
CPU time we would save by byte-compiling the Lua files.

> > So my question is: Is there anything which could be helpful for cross
> > compiling Lua byte-code
> The easiest path is to change lundump.c to handle the multiple platforms,
> especially if the differences are minor. How different are your target
> platforms?

Our target platforms (the important ones) are all 32bit ones but with various 
byte-orders but on of our main compiling platforms is amd64 so we also have 
this 64bit integer problem.

But thank you all for your replies I will have a look into the sourcecode and 
give it a try.