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Well, not sure that a pure virtual meeting can meet the expectations of
a workshop: the main interest should normally be the side discussion and
really meet the persons. Live video may be good, but is it much better
than watching recorded session or reading proceedings?
Virtual meeting also suffers from time region a lot. Sometimes we have
to make video conf. in my company with East US, Europe and India:
finding an acceptable time for all the participants is a pain and limit
the duration and the quality of attention.

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Subject: VIrtual conference (was Re: Lua Workshop 2008 Announcements)

I like the idea of a virtual conference; it would eliminate the expense 
and, for some, the difficulty of travel.  However, is video really worth

the bandwidth it consumes?  I think audio plus slides (ideally delivered

as HTML) would be quite enough, except perhaps for a few presentations 
which involve a live demo.  Eliminating video would probably make it 
possible to host more participants.  Eliminating video would also reduce

hardware and software requirements; we wouldn't all have to be running 
Leopard and iChat AV.  I think it would be quite enough to hear the 
participants' voices, but then my perspective is probably different than

most, since I'm legally blind.

Anyway, I'd love to try it, so long as I don't have to get a Mac.