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On 2/28/08, Bertrand Mansion <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I won't be able to come to the workshop, my company is
>  backing off since they read <,142429/article.html
>   > Too bad :(
>  I hope someday things will get back to normal in the US, in the
>  meantime it would be nice to have a Lua gathering in Europe (Amsterdam
>  or Lisbon would be nice places for this BTW). I wonder if people would
>  be interested. I know there is a site where you can place your
>  location on a map and start a group, for example Lua developers, but I
>  can't remember its name.

it's really a shame.  it was very good news for me that this year's
workshope would be in the america's, since it's _far_ cheaper for me
than going to europe.... i'm not sure yet if i'll be able to afford
going to washington, but crossing the atlantic is out of the question.

i'll have to work harder in making Lua a work issue, so that my
employer pays for the ticket :-)