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A few announcements:

0) C'mon! We all want to hear about what you're doing with Lua! So buck up and give a talk. I do realize that it can be expensive to travel to Washington, DC in the summer; but you'll have lots of fun! 1) Don't forget the first deadline for requesting dorm rooms is approaching---this Sunday, 17 February. We will continue to process requests for dorm rooms after this date, but as we get closer to the summer, rooms may not be available.

2) We are beginning work on the schedule and information will be posted to the web page for the workshop ( as it becomes available. In particular, we would like to highlight the following:

Groundspeak will be presenting on their use of Lua in their GPS-enabled outdoor games engine. Want details? You'll have to come to the workshop! But it will be fun and interactive.

Matthew Campbell will be presenting on his work using Lua to develop products for the visually impaired.

John Labenski will give a talk on wxLua internals.

Wes Smith will talk on work he and Graham Wakefield are doing using Lua for Computational Audiovisual Composition.

Norman Ramsey will (tentatively) be talking on Lua and email processing.

3) Shameless plug (but not for me): I want to thank Terry Moore and MCCI ( and Gus Mueller and Flying Meat Inc. ( for their financial contributions to the workshop!