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The Drupal Dojo (a group within the Drupal project that gives
presentations about things) uses TeamSpeak for voice, VNC for live
screen demos, and Google Apps / VNC for presentations. You may want to
use similar things for virtual confernencing to a group of people.

2008/2/28 Matt Campbell <>:
> I like the idea of a virtual conference; it would eliminate the expense
>  and, for some, the difficulty of travel.  However, is video really worth
>  the bandwidth it consumes?  I think audio plus slides (ideally delivered
>  as HTML) would be quite enough, except perhaps for a few presentations
>  which involve a live demo.  Eliminating video would probably make it
>  possible to host more participants.  Eliminating video would also reduce
>  hardware and software requirements; we wouldn't all have to be running
>  Leopard and iChat AV.  I think it would be quite enough to hear the
>  participants' voices, but then my perspective is probably different than
>  most, since I'm legally blind.
>  Anyway, I'd love to try it, so long as I don't have to get a Mac.
>  Matt