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"Gavin Kistner" <> wrote:

> What I'm suggesting is to find some way (left woefully underspecified)
> to ensure that no sample lines are ever orphaned from their header.
> Wasting blank space if need be.

Even if there's a simple *automated* way to ensure that (which I doubt)
I tend to prefer dense and concise refcards with orphaned lines and
other such "cosmetic" deficiencies. Possibly a matter of taste.

As I wrote earlier it is certainly possible to do some manual
micro-editing to avoid that sort of thing. Perhaps, even probably, the
next draft will be the final draft in the 5.1 series of this refcard (at
least as far as I am concerned). In this case I may do some limited
micro-editing. Let's wait and see.

cheers  thomasl