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"Gavin Kistner" <> wrote:

> One minor nit: I don't like the way various logical sections flow across
> logical page breaks. Bad is "Function call" which has one line on one
> page and the 6 remaining on the next. Worse is "Formatting examples"
> which has one line on one physical page and the remaining 11 on another
> physical page.

I assume you're talking about the two-pages-per-page version?

I may look into this matter for the next version (this sort of
micro-editing is not something very high on my TODO list).

> Better (I contend) to shrink fonts and/or remove information to keep
> sections together.

Well, I've had comments from people who found the font size already too
small, so room for manoeuvre is somewhat limited.

At any rate, simply shrinking the font size would probably lead to the
same problem elsewhere.

> One formatting suggestion: the visual style of the section headers does
> not (to me) cause them to appear to parent their section. Remove the
> italics and bullet and indent; that way the header will be left-aligned
> with the table it owns (including the vertical edges of letters) and the
> bold and color differentiation will suffice to differntiate it.

I will certainly look into that for the next version.

cheers  thomasl