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From: Thomas Lauer
> "Gavin Kistner" <> wrote:
> > One minor nit: I don't like the way various logical sections flow
> > across logical page breaks. Bad is "Function call" which has one 
> > line on one page and the 6 remaining on the next. Worse is
> > examples" which has one line on one physical page and the remaining 
> > 11 on another physical page.
> I assume you're talking about the two-pages-per-page version?

I was, but of course the exact same problem (to a worse degree) exists
for the 1-page-per-page version. In general, when a header for a section
is on one page and the examples for that section are on another, looking
at that second page only gives you no clue as to what you are looking
at. (Unless you physically staple or glue the pages together to know
which one preceded it.)

What I'm suggesting is to find some way (left woefully underspecified)
to ensure that no sample lines are ever orphaned from their header.
Wasting blank space if need be.

> At any rate, simply shrinking the font size would probably lead to the
> same problem elsewhere.

Not if doing so freed up enough room to 'waste' space by waiting until
the next physical page to start showing the content.

I do understand, however, that some people find the font size already
too small, and so that may not be an acceptable solution. That would
leave options like:
  * Reducing margins/padding.
  * Removing examples.
  * Combining examples (e.g. "%d,%o,%x,%X -
decimal/octal/lowerHex/upperHex integer")
  * Adding another full page (or more)

The last would let you both increase font size and also have room to add
some padding and forced section breaks for improved visual cues.

(If the later pages contained less-used things, like the debug library,
maybe some wouldn't even mind not printing them.)