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Duck <> writes:
> This led me to look into the whole IUP think a bit more closely, and to 
> come up with the following questions:
> 1. The website mentions GTK-2 support, but there isn't any. Apparently 
> that's in V3, which isn't out yet. Any idea when it will be? (I'm not 
> really interested in a Motif look-and-feel if I can have a GTK one.)
> 2. Can the IUP libraries be used directly from Lua by simply doing a 
> require() of the right modules and then coding 100% in Lua?
> 3. In the interim, any ideas on what to do about the above build error?

I dunno, I ran into the same basic issues as you, but gave up after I
realized gtk wasn't supported in the released sources (this was the
project, btw, that gave me such a bad impression of premake).

You might try Wolfgang Oertl's lua-gtk though, I found it to work quite

There are still a few bugs in random functions, but he's very responsive
to bug reports (it seems the few things I've reported are already fixed
in CVS).

It's also a package in debian (sid), if you run that.

Lua-gtk's interface is somewhat lower-level than IUP, being based on gtk
(though slightly nicer than the raw gtk C bindings; it's more like gtkmm
maybe).  It does seem like an IUP-like "describe nesting with tables"
interface wouldn't be hard to build in Lua using lua-gtk as a base


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